This a book full of practical strategies and cases about how to be more efficient, agile & sustainable. Smart leaders realize traditional ways of working are too slow. Get ready for disruptive change and fast-scaling growth.   

Learn how to work at an exponential pace, structure your organization to minimize bureaucracy, and bring out the best in your people. Buy the book at Amazon or in Norwegian


- to make your life easier

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These are the six Slow Com Methods and corresponding Slow Change steps you learn about in the book, in the 6-week program, or in a day seminar. Print out and have it on the wall for reference and a reminder. Get good at leading change. Remember to slow down. Then accelerate and speed up. It's amazing how great this works. And it's so much more fun to work like this!


Smart leaders use Slow Map to clarify both task- and people-oriented expectations. By slowing down you'll avoid extra work and misunderstandings. Make people feel safe, appreciated, and enthusiastic about their work. Go through the questions. Excellent one-on-one and for teams to clarify any task or project. You'll get back the time invested - and more.


""Finally, a book that focuses on the place of humans and organizations in a world driven by digitalization. It's easy to get caught up in the praise of what digitalization will lead to - and to forget that people and organizations are behind and must make the important choices. My experience is that in order to make good choices that lead to good implementations, the entire organization must be aligned. Efwa Hagström shows in a good and educational way what it takes to get there.""

Sverre Gotaas, CEO Herøya Industripark AS

""This book provides a platform for kicking off a conversation with your team to improve your game. A must-read for all of us who appreciate inspiration on how to structure our business – and how to engage people, so we master the great opportunities ahead." "

Jon Erik Høgberg, COO Itera Group

""I highly recommend this book. Time is here to think fast and new in an efficient way. This book is an important and relevant contribution to leadership in a digital time with high speed of change. I especially appreciate the author’s ability to focus on people and collaboration. Human relations will continue to be important, and here you get easy and good advice on how to collaborate and communicate to develop individuals and the organization. Keeping it simple is often the best!” "

Hilde Kristin Herud, CEO, Norgips Norge AS

Become a change pro with the

PS. Successful change is all about mobilizing people in an accelerating pace. That means slow down first and speed up when people are onboard. In this 6 week program you'll learn how. You practice on your own change case. It's net-based program with individual coaching. I promise you'll get great results.


'The learning concept is increadibly smart. Learning, practicing, and coaching hand-in-hand"

Margrete Eiken, Quality manager, NOAH (referring to the Slow Change program)

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