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SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP: Learn the most efficient mindset, soft skills, and leadership style for 2021

These days when pressure goes up you need to slow down - to speed up! We'll boost your leadership with emotional intelligence, inter-human communication, and other soft skills - so you engage stakeholders to drive positive change, free up time, and thrive. That's our promise to you!

“We loved it. This interactive, online leadership- and soft skills training helps leaders:
1. Understand what they do well and should do more of,
2. Shift their mindset to a supportive, coaching leadership style increasing productivity, safety, and profitability, and
3. Learn easy-to-use communication tools and a ‘slow down to speed up’ approach to improve impact in dialogues and unlock smart thinking.
- Efwa Hagström's way of teaching and coaching is engaging, efficient, and motivating.” 

Roger Taftø, ELOPAK Corporate Safety & Quality Sr manager

100 % satisfied guarantee for all on- and offline programs and coaching since 2006.

"This has been an amazingly valuable program that easily fits into a busy schedule. I could use all I learned right into my daily work. I recommend all leaders on all levels to take this course."

Frode Andersen, Manager Rack Config. Operation Division, JOTRON

"It has benefited leaders to attend this training. We notice a change in behaviour - more clarity and confidence, and the leaders increasingly see the value from involving others. the program is practice and adjusted to demanding work days."

Hans Skumlien, HR-sjef NOAH Solutions AS

"Thank you for the soft skills and 'Work smarter' trainings - I had great fun and learned a lot. In Teams you involved us all, creating a good learning environment, and kept everyone engaged. I am very satisfied and give the best recommendations!" 
Mette Holm, Elopak, Sr Prod. Master Data Specialist

"Great that it's online-based. The videos are informative, personal, easy to understand, and motivating. The program is a great way to develop leaders to foster a solution-oriented, change-willing, and collaborative workforce."

Even Skistad, Lagerleder, NORGIPS AS

"The book 'Working smart in the AI era' by Efwa Hagström gives you a platform to start the discussions and improve how you work. A must-read for us all who value inspiration around how to structure our business and engage people so we master the great opportunities a head."

- Jon Erik Høgberg, COO ITERA Group

All the soft skills you need to boost  your leadership - and performance

Efwa Hagström has +15 years of experience training leaders, teams, and leadership teams in soft skills that boost productivity, change-ability, and profitability. She is the founder of and and the author of 'Working smart in the AI era'. Born in Sweden, has lived in Germany for 5 years, Belgium for 5 years, and Norway for 20 years - all trainings can be delivered in English, Norwegian, or Swedish - and on your preferred platform (ZOOM, Teams, live...). 

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