Slow down to speed up
SDGs, Change & Sustainability

This proven fast-track truly helps all you amazing, ambitious, and impatient leaders to speed up action.

All the smart tools, skills and support leaders need to confidently 1. Cope with pressure, 2. Lift your team, and 3. Drive change faster -

combined in this motivating 6-week program for leaders.

What do YOU want to achieve in 2022?

Whether it's creating a sustainable value chain, implementing strategic goals, or driving complex, demanding changes - the fast-track guarantees to give YOU:

  • A faster, smoother road from 'goal to action'
  • More influence, stakeholder buy-in, and impact.
  • Better results with e.g. SDGs and initiatives.  

This is exactly what to expect when becoming a 'Strategy Execution and Change Pro' in only 6 weeks.

I'm so excited to help you thrive so we can progress faster, reach SDGs by 2030 - and create a better world!

'Sustainability & Change' FAST-TRACK 
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Become a 'Strategy Execution and Change Pro' in only 6 weeks.

  You'll reduce stress by following a tested and tried, step-by-step ROAD-MAP that also accelerates your confidence and progress.

✅ You'll strengthen and learn carefully chosen and useful  dialogue strategies in the SKILLS TRAINING APP:
Critical thinking, emotional intelligence, psychological safety, collaboration, creativity, and decision-making - becoming a more efficient leader.

✅ You'll get highly valuable, encouraging 1:1 COACHING to progress both your learning and your project.

That's my promise to you.

No time to lose!

Marianne Groven, Sustainability Director ELOPAK:

”Are you looking for easy tools and methods to develop yourself as leaders and cope with pressure? Do you want people to join you in change processes?  Want to work smarter together? Then you'll find plenty of interesting and useful in support this program"

FREE TOOL: The Slow down to speed up Map

This 'map' will help you slow down, ask the right questions, clarify expectations in any assignment, delegation, or project - and speed up execution. A very useful and practical tool. It's yours for free!

Download here

"To us impatient leaders: The strategies I learned in this program resulted in modernization, increased efficiency, and competitiveneness."

– Christian Omholt, COO Kongsberg Space Electronics

"The training concept is incredibly smart. Learning, practicing, and coaching hand-in-hand. I highly appreciated the 1:1 guidance and support motivating me to try new ways to lead and work."

- Margrete Eiken, Quality manager, NOAH

"This has been an amazingly valuable program that easily fits into a busy schedule. I used all I learned right into my daily work. I recommend all leaders on all levels to take this course."

Frode Andersen, Manager Rack Configuration, JOTRON

"Great that it's online-based. This is a great way to develop leaders and foster a solution-oriented, change-willing, and collaborative workforce."

Even Skistad, Warehouse manager, NORGIPS

100 % satisfied guarantee on all programs and coaching since 2006.

FAST-TRACK 'HMS/Safety Leadership Dialog Impact' training:

“We loved it.
This interactive, online leadership- and soft skills training helps leaders: 
1. Understand what they do well and should do more of, 2. Shift their mindset to a supportive, coaching leadership style increasing productivity, safety, and profitability, and 3. Learn easy-to-use communication tools and a ‘slow down to speed up’ approach to improve impact in dialogues and unlock smart thinking. Efwa's way of teaching and coaching is engaging, efficient, and motivating.” 

- Roger Taftø, ELOPAK Corp. Safety & Quality Sr manager

My mission 

Fast-track leaders' ability to work  smarter and create a better world.

Hi, I'm Efwa Hagström
and have since 2006 passionately trained leaders and teams in essential human skills that increase implementation speed: critical thinking, emotional intelligence, psychological safety, decision-making, collaboration, and change impact.

I'm the author of 'Working smart in the AI era'. Born in Sweden, have lived in Germany and Belgium for 10 years, and in Norway for 20 years.

All trainings can be delivered on Zoom, Teams, or live - in English, Norwegian, German, or Swedish. 


[email protected]
+47-47 25 22 64

Jon Erik Høgberg, COO ITERA Group:

"The book 'Working smart in the AI era' by Efwa Hagström gives you a platform to start the discussions and improve how you work. A must-read for us all who value inspiration around how to structure our business and engage people so we master the great opportunities a head."