Slow down communication. Speed up results!

Why on earth should you slow down communication, when high speed is needed to create value?

Because you'll achieve your goals faster and speed up results. It is unbelievable, but still, around 70% of projects and changes do NOT create desired results, gain expected impact, or returns. Why is that?

A secret: Traditional project management alone doesn't cut it.

Especially not now in the digital, integrative, fast-paced era with exponential technology and customers seeking integrated soultions. In addition to the technical project steps, change means people need to change behaviour. For that you'll need people and change management skills (soft skills).

Research shows you're then six times more likely to reach your goals (Prosci, 2017). Six times! Knowing this should mean everyone is eager to learn these skills. But sadly no. Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn recently announced that the #1 Skills Gap is softs skills (Skills Gap Analytics 2018). This bares witness of leaders likely assuming their soft skills are good enough. But, just because people talk and meet everyday, it doesn't mean they're good at it. A myth?Well, the quality isn't good enough yet.

Six basic communication and collaboration (soft) skills are especially useful:

  1. Increasing human motivational drivers (do you know them?) 
  2. Aligning shared understanding and foster collaboration
  3. Inspiring people with stories explaining 'why?'

  4. Removing constricting beliefs and encouraging self-leadership
  5. Giving constructive feedback building people and momentum
  6. Enabling constructive discussions, collaborative creativity, and anchoring of decisions.

These six basic skills sound more difficult to learn and practice than they are. They are actually quite easy to learn if you use specific communcation tools and methods. Like a carpenter uses specific tools to build a house. A doctor using specific tools to examine a patient. A captein to sail the boat. A women or man to shift tires..

Accordingly, modern leaders need to learn and use specific communication and collaboration tools. And some are unique in that they give huge results with minimal effort. Love those!

A warning though. Good, relation-strengthening communication may at first feel like progress is too slow. However, in the long run, you'll not only speed up progress of your project or change - you'll get the best from your people rather than their worst behaviour.

Modern leaders understand that traditional command- and control-leadership is out-dated and more likely to trigger destructive noise and behaviour: power-struggles, frustration, irritation, insecurity, back-biting, resistance to change.. all exhausting and slowing down operations and results.

Using specific communication tools help leaders reduce such destructive forces. Think about it. Everyone wants better communication. We long for good relations, trust, great collaboration, constructive discussions, respect, clear and inspiring direction, and meetings where people are seen, heard, and respected. That is high quality communication.

So what do you say? Is slowing down, communicating worth it? If you are nodding, yet wonder how to be such a leader who is great at modern communication and collaboration, my advice is to invest in your self. It is absolutely doable and really a great feeling to operate this way.

Get professional help to learn these skills and make sure you chose a learning method that is time-efficient, hands-on, and motivating. And yes, this is what I specialize in. To help you.

Learn the skills to become a leader who master relation-strengthening communication. If you're a CEO or HR-leader,  teach your people (especially your leaders) to communicate better.

Create value through unleashing the potential and intelligence in your people. Slow down to speed up and create results and value easier and faster.

Wishing you all the best,


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