Case: How to free up time for innovation

Excerpt from upcoming book 'Working smart in the AI-era'

Imagine having 50-70 hours more time per month. What could your organization use it for? 

And what if your information flow became clearer and people around you more engaged as a bonus- that would be nice wouldn't it? That time and energy can be invested in innovative activities to catapult you into the future. 

Many leaders are absorbed by daily operations and fire-fighting - and therefore frustrated with not having enough time to innovate. If that resonates with you, there's good news.

Often, there's plenty of hidden time and blocked energy waiting to be released.

Here is an inspiring case from Kongsberg Norspace saving 50-70 working hours per month plus profiting from clearer information, better decisions, and increased engagement from just one ‘small’ change project.

The leader was part of our leadership-development program 'Make people join you' (#Få folk med) built on the principle 'slow down to speed up'. He used the case to practice what he learned.

«I’ve learned it is especially useful to get a good start. Once the foundation was there my colleagues flourished and the final solution became excellent. We’ve saved 50-70 work hours for the organization per month. In addition, we profit from clearer information and better decisions, which value can be difficult to estimate – the numbers can be very high

– Christian Omholt, Director Operations, Kongsberg Norspace AS


If you don’t have time for innovation, start one or two change- and improvement processes - and free up time along with energy.

Increasing quality and efficiency of weekly and monthly meetings are often a good place to start.  Slow down and ask 'How can we make our meetings more motivating and useful?'. Run it as a change initiative.

What if you could find 2-3 similar improvement projects and invest that time and effort each month in being entrepreneurial and disruptive?

Now, I know Christian Omholt at Kongsberg Norspace. He was already an excellent leader. Yet he, like many others, found it beneficial to learn the ‘Slow Down Change Method’.

I know you would too.

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Have an amazing day making the world a better place!


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