The Slow Down to Speed up-method

Fast-track Your Company's Agility, Sustainability & Growth

For CEOs, HR, and Senior Leaders wanting to proactively support their organisation HOW to be more agile, turnaround costly firefighting, accelerate complex problem-solving and collaboration, and deliver e.g. digital transformations at speed.
  • Please don't make the mistake thinking technology and AI alone will stop slow decision-making, firefighting and silo-thinking, solve poor collaboration and inefficient use of technology - wasting resources, hurting growth and bottom line. Or thinking constant firefighting is necessary to be agile. There is a better, more sustainable way of working in the AI-era.

  • By unlocking full utilization of Human Intelligence (Cognitive, Emotional, Creative, and Collaborative), you really speed up decision-making, strategic execution, cross-collaboration, complex problem-solving, and engineering productivity.  

  • Our top-rated training will rapidly leverage the utilization of your organisation's Human Intel and fast-track the achievement of your vision. Learning our proven 'Slow Down to Speed Up' method allows you to shift into proactive, agile, future-oriented leadership and culture leading to modernization, efficiency, and competitiveness. 
"To bring out the potential, be more agile, and work smarter in our matrix organization, we engaged Efwa Hagström. We learned how to Slow Down to Speed Up - how to elevate communication, collaborate more constructively, and work in a better way, so we can expand internationally, execute strategy faster, and get better results." Ann Kristin Rotegård, CEO VAR Healthcare, Cappelen Damm

Some of the clients we have served since 2006.


your organisation is too inefficient and slow for you to grow, stay relevant, execute strategy, and satisfy customers?

Longing for a smarter way to work to achieve your vision?

- Fire-fighting? Struggling to reach strategic targets at speed?

- Are too much time, opportunities, and money wasted?

- Wanting to make a significant impact?

- Is poor cross-collaboration hurting productivity? Bottom line?

 PS. Poor communication and collaboration cost companies on average $10.200 annually (Mitel, 2019), and $12,506/ employee/year (The Harris Poll, 2022).  

The Key to Speed

Get people onboard. Realize vision faster. Adapt. Reduce risk. Increase bottom line. 

The key to speed up agility, sustainability, and growth now is to utilize tech and human potential. Our 'Slow Down to Speed Up'-methods accelerate this development, unlocking Human Intel - cognitive, emotional, and collaborative intelligence.

This program is ideal for CEOs, HR, and Sr Leaders wanting to:

  • Support your leaders, teams, and organisation how to be more agile, cross-collaborate, and realize your vision faster.
  • Develop and retain talent, increase motivation, well-being, and resilience to handle disruption and constant change.
  • Be more confident of meeting stakeholder expectations.
  • Stop fire-fighting & waste of time, money, and resources.

Increase ROI

There are 4 reasons why leadership-trainings fail (McKinsey 2014, 2017)

Our program is developed to avoid the 4 pitfalls and increase your Return Of Investment:


1. Focus of training is on the 2-3 key skills critical to strategy.

2. Hands-on-training w/ real-time, value-creating projects. 

3. Learn skills and root-cause methods that challenge and shift mind-sets and behaviour on a deeper level. 

4. Measure results (e.g. time or money saved, increased productivity, customer-satisfaction, well-being, retention..).

Delivery & Support 

The 'Fast-track Your Company's Agility, Sustainability & Growth' is a 3-step 10 week program giving immediate results:

STEP 1. IDENTIFY MUST-WINS: A 90-min workshop. Clarify strategic direction. Identify 3 leveraging 'must-wins'*.

STEP 2. EXECUTE & EDUCATE: 3 leaders are trained in the 6 week 'Speed Up Collaborative Change & Execution Formula' to execute 'must-wins'. The 1-2h/week study is quickly retrieved.

STEP 3. AGILE & RESILIENT CULTURE: Leaders have gained competence, motivation, and confidence, now fostering an agile, learning, cross-collaborative culture. Leaders begin the 'Work Smart & Resilience Program' increasing efficiency.

SUPPORT: 1:1 + group-coaching (Teams), e-learning, e-mail. 

Investment: Euro 7.900                 *You can add 'Must-wins'.

The Framework

All our trainings are based on the 'Slow Down to Speed Up' methodology.

The framework is informed by key elements from Einstein and Maslow, research, and +15 years of studies and experience.

- The basis are 4 x Speed Up Core-methods rapidly improving communication, decision making, and cross-collaboration.

- By adding 2 Speed Up-methods and 6 systematic Change Steps you get the 'Speed Up Collaborative Change & Execution Formula' accelerating complex problem-solving and change.

- The 'Work Smart & Resilience' module fits with the 4 Speed Up Core-methods, designed to reduce fire-fighting and waste of time, energy, opportunity, money, talent, and resources. 

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To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.

Efwa Hagström, Author of 'Working Smart in the AI-era and Founder of

Check out what other CEOs and leaders have experienced:

Christian Omholt, COO Kongsberg Space Electronics 

"To us impatient leaders: The Slow down to speed up-methods I learned resulted in modernization, increased efficiency and competitiveness. We have saved 50–70 working hours for the organisation per month. In addition we enjoy clearer information and better decisions - a value hard to estimate but the numbers can be very high." 

Hans Skumlien, HR-director NOAH Solutions

 "To develop the organisation's ability to work smarter, faster, and more sustainably, 10 talents have learned the 'Slow Down to Speed Up' methodology. The result is that we collaborate more constructively across departments. We have identified modernization opportunities and mobilized people. We foster future oriented leadership and a solution oriented culture in an upward spiral. Warmly recommended".

Ann Kristin Rotegård, CEO VAR Healthcare, Cappelen Damm

«To bring out the potential and work smarter in our matrix organisation, we engaged Efwa Hagström. We have learned four Slow Down to Speed Up-methods. They help us lift our communication, collaborate more constructively, and understand how we can work smarter, so we can expand internationally, execute our strategy, and get better results.»

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